missgoodytwoshoes Elizabeth’s latest Audible release is another collaboration with best-selling author Charlotte Hughes: Miss Goody Two-Shoes. Previous releases by Ms. Hughes include See Bride Run!, and Tall, Dark, and BadElizabeth will also be narrating Island Rogue later this fall. Go to the author’s website to learn more!

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, Kane Stoddard was an angry, bitter man, until the sweet uplifting letters from Melanie Abercrombie painted a picture of a life he longed for. Now that his name has been cleared, he wants to start a new life and meet the woman who gave him hope when his situation seemed hopeless. Mel doesn’t know what to make of the scruffy bearded Kane who rides up on his motorcycle. Her first thought is he escaped from prison and is dangerous. Stunned by their rapid and sizzling attraction, she tries to fight her impulses and hang on to her prim and proper lifestyle. Mel worries that Kane will leave her once he grows tired of a small town life where he is still treated as an outcast.

talldarkbad At long last, a new release! Tall, Dark, and Bad by best-selling author Charlotte Hughes is now available at Audible. Elizabeth previously narrated Ms. Hughes’ See Bride Run! and will have two more of her Southern-accented comic romances coming out later this year.

Summer Pettigrew is in desperate need of a fiancé, a temporary job, mind you…

Bad Boy Cooper Garrett answers the call. He swaggers into Summer’s High Society Life oozing testosterone. He’s hardly what Summer expected, the man straddles a mean looking motorcycle, for Pete’s sake! But Summer is stuck with him for the time being, even though her pulse skyrockets each time he steals a kiss.

Cooper willingly plays the doting fiancé, but he has one thing on his mind: Bedding the proper Miss Pettigrew! And although Summer is tempted to take a ride on the wild side, she fears it will lead her down a road to heartbreak.

image Elizabeth is pleased to announce the release of Charlotte Hughes’ See Bride Run!, a charming romantic comedy with a Southern accent. This audiobook is now available at Audible. This marks the first of several Charlotte Hughes books that Elizabeth will be narrating. You can find out more about this prolific and best-selling author at her website.

Atlanta’s billionaire heiress Annie Hartford has been under her father’s thumb her entire life. At 29, he is now forcing her to marry a man she doesn’t love in front of 600 guests. With only moments to spare, she hijacks the family limo, which breaks down in small town Pinckney, Georgia. Annie, who has never wanted for anything, suddenly finds herself homeless, penniless, and with only the clothes on her back: a designer wedding gown and diamond tiara.

There she meets small town lawyer and restaurant owner Sam Ballard. Unlucky in love, the last thing Sam needs is a red-hot waitress who seems hell-bent on breaking every dish in his Dixieland Café. Still, he can’t very well fire her; she has already won the hearts of everyone in town.

After a lifetime of riches, can Annie find happiness in a garage apartment, second-hand clothes, and making her way around town on a borrowed bicycle? And how can Sam be certain that Annie won’t run home to daddy when her new life presents one obstacle after another?