defects Elizabeth is very pleased to announce the release of Defects by Sarah Noffke, now available at Audible. This is the first in the Reverians trilogy; the second and third books should be out soon. Sarah is the author of the Lucidites trilogy, which Elizabeth narrated last year (you can find AwokenStunned, and Revived at Audible as well). She has created a fascinating and exciting world of Dream Travelers with strong and charismatic heroines.

In the happy, clean community of Austin Valley, everything appears to be perfect. Seventeen-year-old Em Fuller, however, fears something is askew. Em is one of the new generation of Dream Travelers. For some reason, the gods have not seen fit to gift all of them with their expected special abilities. Em is a Defect – one of the unfortunate Dream Travelers not gifted with a psychic power. Desperate to do whatever it takes to earn her gift, she endures painful daily injections along with commands from her overbearing, loveless father. One of the few bright spots in her life is the return of a friend she had thought dead – but with his return comes the knowledge of a shocking, unforgivable truth. The society Em thought was protecting her has actually been betraying her, but she has no idea how to break away from its authority without hurting everyone she loves.

Stunned Elizabeth is excited to announce the release of Stunned by Sarah Noffke, the second book in the Lucidites trilogy, now available at Audible. The first book, Awoken, was released earlier this year, and the final installment, Revived, will be out in a few weeks. This exciting SFF series follows Roya Stark, a talented and tenacious young woman, as she discovers how to use her considerable gifts as part of a society of Dream Travelers. Check out the excellent reviews of Awoken at Audible, and then get Stunned!

Roya desperately wishes she was above ground on a sunny patio watching the lake lap up on the shore. Instead, she finds herself trapped with the Lucidites. Her brother is mysteriously wasting away, and, at every turn, she finds a new betrayal. Just when she thinks she’s finally escaping the Institute, a new danger unveils itself. A secret society of Dream Travelers has declared war on the Lucidites by abducting a head official. It’s up to Roya to figure out who’s behind it and how to save everyone she cares about most.

More action packed than its predecessor, Stunned is captivating and will leave listeners squirming from the tension but also begging for more.

dreamvacation Elizabeth has a new release at Audible today: Dream Vacation, Book #8 in the Dreams series by J. J. DiBenedetto. This latest installment in the story of Sara Alderson, who can see other people’s dreams, follows on Elizabeth’s narration of Dream Reunion and Dream Home, also available at Audible. The previous books have received multiple five-star reviews at Audible, where a listener writes, “Elizabeth Klett doesn’t miss a beat. [She] has the sound of Sara and her friends and family down as if she has been the narrator from book one.”

Thanks to her unique ability to step into other people’s dreams, Dr. Sara Alderson has solved murders, unraveled conspiracies, and saved lives. But when a crisis hits close to home, even her supernatural gift might not be enough to avert disaster.

On a family vacation to Paris, Sara’s 15-year-old daughter Grace disappears without a trace. The only way to find her is through Sara’s dreams. But her gift has taken an unwanted vacation, and without it, Sara has no idea how to rescue Grace. In a foreign city, with no clues, and her dreaming talent failing her for the first time, Sara must figure out another way to find Grace before it’s too late.

dreamreunion Elizabeth’s latest release is now available at Audible: Dream Reunion by J. J. DiBenedetto. This is the sixth book in the Dreams series, which you can read about here. All of the previous books are available as audiobooks, and Elizabeth will be narrating the next two books in the series, Dream Home and Dream Vacation, later this year. These books tell the story of Sara Barnes, who can step into other people’s dreams.

Sara’s seen the cost of interfering in other people’s dreams firsthand; it’s measured in ruined lives and cemetery plots. When her supernatural dreams start up again, Sara is faced with problem after problem. And the only solution she can see is the one she’s sworn never to attempt – changing the minds of the dreamers from the inside-out. Sara thought that fighting against serial killers, mobsters, and crooked politicians was difficult, but she’s about to come up against the most difficult foe she’s ever faced: her own conscience.


Elizabeth has another new release for you this week: the third book in the Larue Donavan series by Rose PresseyThe Ghoul Next Door, now available at Audible. Elizabeth has also released the first two books in this series – Me and My Ghoulfriends and Ghouls Night Out – along with the first book in the Veronica Mason series, Rock ‘n Roll is Undead. If you enjoy romantic paranormal mysteries, then Rose Pressey’s work is for you! Read more about this latest book, and listen to an audio sample, at Audible.



ghoulsnightoutElizabeth has a new release for you today: the second book in the Larue Donavan series by Rose Pressey – Ghouls Night Out, which is now available at Audible. The first book in the series, Me and My Ghoulfriends, was released in September and has garnered some great reviews, including this one by April Holgate at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews.

Larue Donavan is a bookstore owner by day and psychic medium ghost buster by night. Just when she thought she’d gotten rid of the pesky ghosts following her, a new ghostly entourage has appeared. Her new group of ghoul friends includes a celebrity…the ghost of Mae West. And does Mae ever have dating advice for Larue!

When a stranger shows up in Magnolia, Kentucky, things take a turn for the worse. Larue’s new love interest, Callahan Weiss, barista extraordinaire, isn’t sure if Larue is interested in what he’s got brewing. Something weird is going on in town and Larue’s best friend, Mindy, is in danger. Has a demon followed Larue home from an investigation? Is the new man in town to blame for the strange occurrences? Not only is Larue trying to save Mindy, but the coven leader wants Larue to use her new spellbinding talents and become a full-time witch. Larue’s not sure she’s ready for her new paranormal gift, though. If Larue doesn’t find the source of the evil soon, she may lose all she holds dear.


Elizabeth has another new release for you today, also by the wonderfully prolific best-selling writer Rose PresseyRock ‘n Roll is Undead, the first book in the Veronica Mason series. This book is now available at Audible, where you can also listen to a sample.

Veronica Mason, lead singer of the rockabilly band The Voodoo Zombies, discovers her vampire bass player staked through the heart. A vision of the murder flashes in Veronica’s mind and she wonders if she’s going bonkers. Up until now her supernatural skills consisted of a few botched love spells.

Using her sexy voice and pin-up style has paid off as she’s about to finally land a record deal. But suspicion soon turns to her when another vampire turns up as nothing more than a pile of ashes… When an utterly delicious mystery man steps in as the new bass player, Veronica can’t figure out if he’s there to help or cause more problems. What she does know is she can’t resist his good looks and sex appeal. She wonders if they would make rockin’ music together. But helping the undead could stop her from finding out and leave Veronica dead herself – permanently.


Elizabeth is excited to announce the release of her latest audiobook: Me and My Ghoulfriends by USA Today best-selling author Rose Pressey. Check it out and listen to a sample here on Audible. This is the first book in the Larue Donavan series, and Elizabeth will be narrating the rest of the series for Bee Audio as well. By day, Larue is a down-to-earth bookstore owner. But by night, she’s a world-renowned psychic investigator dedicated to helping lost spirits find peace. Dead people won’t leave her alone and Abraham Lincoln thinks he’s in charge of her lovelife. Larue can handle ghosts and undead presidents. It’s the living who drive her crazy. When Callahan Weiss moves to town, the handsome newcomer opens a coffee shop right next door. She’s smitten from the start, but she’s not the only one – the boutique owner across the street has her eye on Callahan too, and uses witchcraft to fight dirty. When Callahan gets hit by a love spell, Larue will need more than a little help from her ghoulfriends to save the day.