dreamvacation Elizabeth has a new release at Audible today: Dream Vacation, Book #8 in the Dreams series by J. J. DiBenedetto. This latest installment in the story of Sara Alderson, who can see other people’s dreams, follows on Elizabeth’s narration of Dream Reunion and Dream Home, also available at Audible. The previous books have received multiple five-star reviews at Audible, where a listener writes, “Elizabeth Klett doesn’t miss a beat. [She] has the sound of Sara and her friends and family down as if she has been the narrator from book one.”

Thanks to her unique ability to step into other people’s dreams, Dr. Sara Alderson has solved murders, unraveled conspiracies, and saved lives. But when a crisis hits close to home, even her supernatural gift might not be enough to avert disaster.

On a family vacation to Paris, Sara’s 15-year-old daughter Grace disappears without a trace. The only way to find her is through Sara’s dreams. But her gift has taken an unwanted vacation, and without it, Sara has no idea how to rescue Grace. In a foreign city, with no clues, and her dreaming talent failing her for the first time, Sara must figure out another way to find Grace before it’s too late.


Elizabeth is excited to announce the release of Dream Home, Book 7 in the Dreams series by J. J. DiBenedetto, which is now available at Audible. Elizabeth also narrated Dream Reunion, Book 6 in the series, which was recently released, and will be narrating Book 8, Dream Vacation, available later this year.

Sara thought she had found the perfect job, the perfect new house and the perfect place to build a bright future for herself and her family. But her new life is not quite perfect. Her husband and her children are fitting right in, but before Sara even shows up for her first day of work, her coworkers are dreaming about getting rid of her. If that wasn’t bad enough, the one friend she’s made is dreaming nightly about a disaster that could wipe out the entire town… and Sara is beginning to think he might be right.

dreamreunion Elizabeth’s latest release is now available at Audible: Dream Reunion by J. J. DiBenedetto. This is the sixth book in the Dreams series, which you can read about here. All of the previous books are available as audiobooks, and Elizabeth will be narrating the next two books in the series, Dream Home and Dream Vacation, later this year. These books tell the story of Sara Barnes, who can step into other people’s dreams.

Sara’s seen the cost of interfering in other people’s dreams firsthand; it’s measured in ruined lives and cemetery plots. When her supernatural dreams start up again, Sara is faced with problem after problem. And the only solution she can see is the one she’s sworn never to attempt – changing the minds of the dreamers from the inside-out. Sara thought that fighting against serial killers, mobsters, and crooked politicians was difficult, but she’s about to come up against the most difficult foe she’s ever faced: her own conscience.