lightwhobinds Just in time for Christmas, Elizabeth has another new release for you: Book #2 in the Bluebell Kildare series by Lilo Abernathy, The Light Who Binds. This is a thrilling paranormal mystery series, and Elizabeth narrated Book #1, The Light Who Shines, last year for ACX.

Psychic Inspector Blue learns the shocking truth: she’s prophesied to destroy the Great Demon Lilith and save all vampires from burning eternally on the Plane of Fire. Worse yet, she will die three deaths during this one life. Jack, her sexy vampire boss, reveals this significant truth at the Dragomira Magical Artifact shop, and Blue is not pleased that she’s the last to know.

Torn, Jack struggles between hope that Blue will save all their souls and his intense desire to protect her from this terrible destiny. With a vicious serial arsonist plotting fires in Crimson Hollow and several factions of enemies attacking her at every turn, even help from Jack and her massive wolf Varg may not be enough to save her.

Hate grows and the Great Peace Pact that’s unified the different breeds of humans for two millennia threatens to break. The dark prophecy unfolds.

Amid all this turmoil, Jack pushes Blue’s patience to the limit as his eyes vow yes to her, but his delicious mouth murmurs no. She finally puts her foot down and demands he make a decision.

What will he choose? And can she handle the answer?