New Release: My Highland Warrior

Elizabeth is excited to announce the release of My Highland Warrior by best-selling author Miriam Minger, now available at Audible,, and elsewhere. This is the first in the Warriors of the Highlands series that Elizabeth will be narrating for Tantor Audio; production on the second book, My Highland Protector, is currently underway! Elizabeth has also narrated the O’Byrne Brides series by Ms. Minger, all of which are widely available.

Fearsome Scots laird Gabriel MacLachlan must take a bride, but not just any bride. Magdalene, his liege lord’s younger sister, is known to be as bonny as any Highland lass but as mad as a loon. Mad Maggie, they call her – and Gabriel has no choice. Not if he wants to put food in his clansmen’s bellies, clothes on their backs, and repair the crumbling castle he calls home. A fat dowry in exchange for a madwoman, whose life will be in danger from the MacLachlan family curse the instant she becomes his wife.

A generations-old curse, an honorable chieftain, a clever beauty – it’s the perfect recipe for a spirited Highland Romance.

Contains mature themes.

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