Free Halloween Audio: Goblin Market


Happy Halloween, everyone! Elizabeth hopes you’ve enjoyed her recordings of classic vampire stories this past month – and is featuring one more free audio recording in celebration of the holiday today. Christina Rossetti’s poem Goblin Market is a creepy tale of supernatural temptation, desire, and sacrifice. Elizabeth made this recording for LibriVox as part of a longer collection of Rossetti’s poetry, which you can listen to here. You can stream Goblin Market for free right here. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you, Elizabeth Klett, for this month of free recordings for Halloween. All your selections were extremely entertaining and as usual, your narrations were perfection (both the accents and different voices for the various characters). Thanks for the terrifying poem Goblin Market, by Cristina Rossetti, which you sent on Halloween itself. Although terrifying and worrisome while listening to your reading of the poem, it ended well. All in all, a grand experience for those lucky enough to listen to your free audible Fridays.

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