New Release: Mutineer

mutineer Elizabeth’s latest Audible release is the second book in the Alexis Carew series by J. A. Sutherland: Mutineer. Elizabeth also narrated the first book, Into the Dark, earlier this year, and will voice the next installment later in 2015. Listeners have been loving the first audiobook, calling Elizabeth’s narration “charming, well paced, and clearly in tune with the material”; “an outstanding performance”; “an exceptional job … keeping the action moving with a variety of different voices, tones and accents that kept me wanting to hear more.”

More about Mutineer: Just as Midshipman Alexis Carew thinks she’s found a place in the Royal Navy, she’s transferred aboard H.M.S. Hermione. Her captain is a Tartar, liberal with the cat, who thinks girls have no place aboard ship. The other midshipmen in the berth are no better and the only advice she’s offered is to keep her head down and mouth shut – things Alexis is rarely able to do.

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