New LibriVox: The School For Scandal

school for scandal


Elizabeth reads the role of Lady Teazle in Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s witty and hilarious Restoration comedy The School For Scandal, which you can download free from LibriVox. The play focuses on the intrigues and scandals of the British upper classes. Lady Sneerwell wants to marry Charles Surface, while Joseph Surface wants to marry Maria, an heiress and ward of Sir Peter Teazle. Maria, however, prefers Charles over Joseph. In order to detach her from Charles, Lady Sneerwell and Joseph spread rumors about an affair between Charles and Lady Teazle, Sir Peter’s new young wife. Meanwhile, Sir Oliver Surface, newly returned from the East Indies, assumes various disguises to test his nephews’ characters. Misunderstandings, mistaken identities, gossip, and bad behavior abound in this uproarious comedy.

LibriVox has also just released a short sequel to The School For Scandal as part of the collection Mr. Punch’s Dramatic Sequels by St. John Hankin. Elizabeth and the cast reprise their roles for this one-act play, which is accompanied by wonderfully funny sequels to AlcestisHamletMuch Ado About NothingThe Lady From the Sea, Caesar and Cleopatra, and others.

The image above is from a recent British production of The School For Scandal. Read more about it here.

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