LibriVox Recording of The Secret Garden Now Available


A new dramatic reading of Frances Hodgson Burnett‘s classic children’s novel The Secret Garden is now available for download from LibriVox. Elizabeth reads the book’s narration as well as the role of Martha, the chambermaid who befriends the protagonist, Mary Lennox. Initially a sour, bad-tempered child, Mary begins to bloom under the influence of nature when she discovers a long-abandoned garden on the grounds of her uncle’s Yorkshire estate. Burnett’s novel is brought to life in this dramatic reading by LibriVox volunteers who lend their voices to her characters. The talented cast includes Arielle Lipshaw as Mary, Andy Minter as Ben Weatherstaff, Charlotte Duckett as Dickon, and Amanda Friday as Colin Craven.

The image shows Ben, Mary, Colin, and Dickon in the secret garden, and is from the 1949 Lippincott edition, with illustrations by Nora S. Unwin.

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